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Born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, 1987, Sebastián Zavalía was brought up in a family of painters, actors and movie directors. This last one would move young Sebastián into ideas about light, color and movement. A constant curiosity gave him a better understanding of his surroundings. Influenced by nature, and people as part of nature, Sebastián found his inspiration in traveling. He has visited 46 countries which gave him a broader look. Rather than a journal, he prefers to travel with a camera to detect those moments where life is not affected by time. Timeless moments are the inspiration for Sebastian’s work. 

He studied Film and Digital Photography at Andy Goldstein, School of Creative Photography in Buenos Aires, which gave him the tools to materialize his ideas into works of art. 

In 2011, he opened his own gallery, Naranja Verde, to allow emerging artists from Buenos Aires show their own work. 

In 2015, Sebastián started a journey which took him to the North Pole, as a Photography Director for an anthropological movie about a nomadic tribe from there.


After 29 years of expeditions, Sebastian has now travelled several countries and documented different points of view which he considers they should be shown to the world.

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